Our Qualifications

The company LAUTEC has many years experience in all areas of international and national plant and pipeline construction. In the development of complicated project tasks, qualified project managers, welding supervisors, specialist engineers and well-trained pipe fitters are available to our customers. Together with our partners, we coordinate and implement projects with regard to engineering, steel construction, difficult assembly, non‚Äźdestructive materials testing, corrosion protection, scaffolding and

Of course, we have all the well-established procedure examinations, which are carried out according to the following (WPQR)
regulations and test standards:

DRG 97/23 EG | AD 2000-HP 2/1 | ISO 15614-1 | ISO 15614-2 | DVGW 350

We manufacture the following materials from DN 10 to DN 2500 and in the material groups according to Cert ISO/TR 15608:/2000:

Material group 1.1 - Steels with ReH <= 460 N/mm2 (ReH <=275N/mm2)
Material Material no.:
P265GH 1.0425
16Mo3 1.5415
Material group 1.2 - Steels with ReH <= 460N/mm2 (275N/mm2<ReH<=360N/mm2)
Material group 5.1 - Vanadium free Cr-Mo steels with C<=0.35%)
Material group 6.4- High-vanadium alloy CrMo(Ni) steels
Material group 8.1 - Austenitic stainless steels
Material group 23.1 - Aluminium


GRP with and without inliner, PE, PP and PVDF

We manufacture, deliver and assemble the primary and secondary steel construction and the supporting facilities belonging to it,
on the basis of DIN EN 1090.

Furthermore, we are certified as a DVGW [German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water] specialist company in accordance with DVGW GW 301, class G1 and consequently have fulfilled the requirements for the Betriebliche
Managementsystem (BMS) [Operational Management System] in accordance with para. 4.1 of the DVGW working sheet GW 301.
The monitoring of quality management, operational safety, and environmental and health protection is brought together in our specialist department for QM/SCC and they have responsibility.
To process project orders, we work with our data bank supporting accounting and documentation system.

  • Progress
  • Daily welding reports
  • NDT Reports
  • Revision statuses
  • Material management