Protecting the environment and therefore protecting people in equal measure is a constant challenge to technical advancement.

Many measures for the protection of the environment lead directly or indirectly to the reduction of costs in the company.

Your benefits:

Borealis_AuszeichnungLiability risks reduced by

  • Complete, comprehensible documentation
  • Compliance with environmental laws
  • Increase in environmental awareness and the motivation of the workers
  • Revealing savings potentials, e.g. in energy (electricity, heating, compressed air etc.)
  • Water and waste water
  • Avoidance of waste
  • Increase in legal security for the management and owners

Competitive advantages by

  • Public representation by means of environmental statement
  • Image cultivation

Only a clear and conclusive environmental management creates security for your company out of the sprawling and unclear flood of laws and regulations.

Environmental management – a challenge for the future